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BALENCIAGA B. Eau De Parfum, LONELY Sabel cut out bra & Sabel high waisted brief (worn throughout), AU REVOIR LES FILLES Killaflora cuff, Killaflora ring & Eternal palm cuff, MANIAMANIA Luminary ring, MANIAMANIA Iconic rings in silver with Chrysoprase & silver with Agate.

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John Galliano’s return to the runway for Maison Margiela Spring 2015 Haute Couture – Illustrated by James Forchione for Tangent.


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John Galliano’s Maison Margiela debut for the Spring 2015 Haute Couture collections lived up to the hype and the anticipation of this important moment in fashion history. To celebrate Galliano’s return and pay tribute to this collection, we have collaborated with artist James Forchione. Check out our interview below with the Italian fashion illustrator who is forging a unique and specific style of fashion illustration.

I draw because…
It gives me freedom to which I can express my creativity.

The purpose of my art is…
To use free flowing line to represent subject matter.

The biggest influences on my art…
Tend to be those that understand the human form and show strong personality and emotion in their work. The likes of Botticelli, Caravaggio and Egon Schiele are the reason I took an interest in drawing.

For me fashion is…
An extension of your personality.

At the moment I can’t stop listening to…
Big Jet Plane’ by Angus and Julia Stone.

A website everyone should check out…, I always throw on a random playlist while I work.

London is…
A vibrant, creative and exciting city.

The labels I am looking out for this year are…

Caruso and Kestin Hare.

At the moment I am wearing…
Cavalli, Iceberg and Adidas.




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DIOR mini “Be Dior” bagSARINA SURIANO sagittarius astris cocktail ring, MARC BY MARC JACOBS star hinge bangle, SARINA SURIANO crystal orbis bangle, VANESSA ARIZAGA ‘Bad 2 the Bone’ bracelet, SARINA SURIANO ad vitum crystal bangle.


PRADA clutch, SARINA SURIANO sagittarius astris cocktail ring, SARINA SURIANO sparkling caelum palm bracelet, SARINA SURIANO ad vitam crystal bangle, VANESSA ARIZAGA ‘Bad 2 the Bone’ bracelet, MARC BY MARC JACOBS star hinge bangle.


MIU MIU bag, MANIAMANIA cocktail ring, SARINA SURIANO crystal orbis bangle, VENESSA ARIZAGA ‘Bad 2 the Bone’ bracelet, SARINA SURIANO pluma blue bangle, CYNICS wrap-around zip bracelet.


SOPHIE HULME backpack, SARINA SURIANO sagittarius astris cocktail ring, MARC BY MARC JACOBS star hinge bangle, VENESSA ARIZAGA ‘Bad 2 the Bone’ bracelet, POMS facet bracelet.


CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN messenger bag (customised), SARINA SURIANO sagittarius astris cocktail ringMANIAMANIA cocktail ringsSARINA SURIANO sparkling caelum palm bracelet, POMS facet bracelet, CYNICS zip bracelet, MARC BY MARC JACOBS star hinge bangleSARINA SURIANO pluma blue bangle, CHLOÉ cate toggle bracelet, VENESSA ARIZAGA ‘Bad 2 the Bone’ bracelet, SARINA SURIANO ad vitam crystal bangle. 

Photography Bruno Mameli
Styling & Creative Direction Samantha Crossley
Manicure Abbey Love
Model Renata Zareba




1. HOUSE OF HOLLAND Bingo Name Bracelet
2. FENDI Petite 2Jours Leather Fur-Tag Tote
3. HOUSE OF HOLLAND ‘Bag Of Tricks’ Clutch
4. NEKTAR DE STAGNI Smiley face gold-plated ring
5. FENDI Mink Fur Bangle
6. SAN RIO Character Sticker Set
7. BALENCIAGA Bow Bracelet
8. STELLA MCCARTNEY ‘Super Hero’ Crossbody Bag
9. MCM printed Rabbit Cross-Body Bag
10. VERSACE Medusa Ring
11. OPENING CEREMONY ‘Paloma’ Tech Clutch
12. HOUSE OF HOLLAND Mental Monsters