Lola Le Lann

Roseanna top & skirt, Tommy Hilfiger sweater, Annelise Michelson bracelet (left), Christian Dior bracelet (right).
Emanuel Ungaro jacket, Red Valentino dress, Puma shoes, Chrome Hearts rings.
Sonia Rykiel coat, Petit Bateau t-shirt, Tommy Hilfiger pants, Chrome Hearts earrings & rings.
Roseanna jacket, Coach skirt, Chrome Hearts earrings & rings.
Versace sweater, Chrome Hearts rings.
Versace sweater, Chrome Hearts rings.
Maison Margiela trench coat, Vans sweater, Annelise Michelson earrings.
Maison Margiela trench coat, Vans sweater, Emanuel Ungaro skirt, Annelise Michelson earrings, Chrome Hearts rings.
Roseanna jacket.
Tommy Hilfiger cardigan, Petit Bateau t-shirt, Claudie Pierlot jeans, Maison Margiela  shoes, Annelise Michelson earrings, Chrome Hearts rings.
Photography: Allan Hamitouche @ Agent Olivier Le Sech, Art Direction: Corinne Patron, Fashion: Joy Sinanian, Makeup: Julie Noziéres, Hair: Marc Orsatelli @ Agence Aurelien, Fashion Assistant: Victoire Seveno, Talent: Lola Le Lann @ ZZO Image.

My earliest memory of fashion is… my obsession for my multi-coloured tights and a red poncho when I was six years old (I was a mix between ‘Fifi Brindacier’ (Pippi Longstocking) and ‘Le petit Chaperon Rouge’ (Little Red Riding Hood). My happy place is … on a movie set or riding a horse. When I have time off I like to … read in my bed and write quotes in my notebook. As a teenager I used to dress … kind of bohemian – simple and not very sophisticated. My favourite beauty look is … nude and shiny. I’ll never forget the time when … I was cast in my first movie. My mother taught me … to respect others. My father taught me … to listen to myself. Real love is … to choose and not to accept being chosen. I always feel good when I am wearing … denim shorts and barefoot in summer, or jeans and a turtleneck in winter. I can’t go to sleep without … I can fall asleep anywhere with nothing special. I couldn’t live without … love. Before I go out I always… I always go out without asking myself the question. My favourite person I follow on Instagram is … @macdemarco. My favourite outfit is … a kimono. The best place to shop in Paris is … Le Marais district. My guilty pleasure is … I never feel guilty for pleasure. My nickname is … I’ll never say. Something no one would guess about me is … I’m a very hopeful person. I always feel sexy in … I don’t care to be sexy unless I’m playing a character. I always feel cute in … a vintage dress. The song I play on repeat is … ‘L’anamour’ by Serge Gainsbourg. My ideal holiday is … go to Itacaré, Greece, Portofino or Tahiti. When I am alone I like to … sing and play the piano. My friends describe me as … always in my own bubble. My weekend beauty routine consists of … making some healthy green juices with a lot of ginger. My first kiss was … in the Jardin des Plantes in Paris. My favourite designers at the moment are … Prada, Miu Miu, Gucci, Fendi and Carven. My go-to outfit on a date is . . . a vintage leather outfit. My favourite moment in my career so far is … my first experience in the movie ‘One Wild Moment’ directed by Jean-François Richet. My music sounds like … French songs from the 70s or 80s with a lot of synth and 808s, sometimes a touch of exoticism and a Gainsbourg Spirit. I am starting a career in music because … It was my initial environment. I started out playing the piano in the conservatoire from when I was nine years old and did vocal formation for five years. My next film is about … an unlikely love during World War I. The next character I play is … a nun.

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