Lola Le Lann

PHOTOGRAPHY Allan Hamitouche @Agent Olivier Le Sech
ART DIRECTION Corinne Patron
FASHION Joy Sinanian
HAIR Marc Orsatelli @Agence Aurelien
MAKEUP Julie Nozières

TALENT Lola Le Lann & ZZO Image

Lola Le Lann embodies the French stereotype that 'effortlessness is key', but also that hard work goes a long way. The 20-year old Parisian made her film debut in last year’s ‘One Wild Moment’, portraying a Lolita-esque character that showcased her penchant for three-dimensional female roles. If that wasn’t enough, she is also a classically trained pianist, setting her sights on the music world with her unique sound and her ‘Gainsbourg Spirit’. It’s not hard to see why Lola – with her unmistakeable beauty and daring approach to style – has everyone from Miu Miu to Carven taking notice.

My earliest memory of fashion is… my obsession for my multi-coloured tights and a red poncho when I was six years old (I was a mix between ‘Fifi Brindacier’ (Pippi Longstocking) and ‘Le petit Chaperon Rouge’ (Little Red Riding Hood). My happy place is … on a movie set or riding a horse. When I have time off I like to … read in my bed and write quotes in my notebook. As a teenager I used to dress ... kind of bohemian – simple and not very sophisticated. My favourite beauty look is … nude and shiny. I’ll never forget the time when ... I was cast in my first movie. My mother taught me ... to respect others. My father taught me ... to listen to myself. Real love is … to choose and not to accept to be chosen. I always feel good when I am wearing … denim shorts and barefoot in summer, or jeans and a turtleneck in winter. I couldn’t live without ... love.

Before I go out I always… I always go out without asking myself the question. My favourite person to follow on Instagram is ... @macdemarco. My favourite outfit is ... a kimono. The best place to shop in Paris is ... the Le Marais district. My guilty pleasure is ... I never feel guilty for pleasure. My nickname is … I’ll never say. Something no one would guess about me is ... I’m a very hopeful person. I always feel sexy in … I don't care to be sexy unless I’m playing a character. I always feel cute in … a vintage dress. The song I play on repeat is …. ‘L'anamour’ by Serge Gainsbourg. My ideal holiday is …. go to Itacaré, Greece, Portofino or Tahiti. When I am alone I like to … sing and play the piano. My friends describe me as … always in my own bubble. My weekend beauty routine consists of … making some healthy green juices with a lot of ginger. My first kiss was … in the Jardin des Plantes in Paris. My favourite designers at the moment are ... Prada, Miu Miu, Gucci, Fendi and Carven. My go-to outfit on a date is . . . a vintage leather outfit. My favourite moment in my career so far is . . . my first experience in the movie ‘One Wild Moment’ directed by Jean-François Richet. My music sounds like ... French songs from the 70s or 80s with a lot of synth and 808s, sometimes a touch of exoticism and a Gainsbourg Spirit. I am starting a career in music because … It was my initial environment. I started out playing the piano in the conservatoire from when I was nine years old and did vocal formation for five years. My next film is about … an unlikely love during World War I. The next character I play is ... a nun.

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