IRL - Annie Kreighbaum

Words Ava Nirui
FASHION Anna Santangelo
Special thanks to The Impossible Project Polaroid

Glossier's editorial director and master of the selfie, Annie Kreighbaum's feed is quite literally "glo'd up." Her immaculate skin, sick personality and intellectual legitness radiate through her selfies, and she doesn't take herself too seriously either (making her ten times as cool). We gave Annie a Polaroid camera to take some old school, filterless selfies (a la Andy Warhol) and she taught us a thing or two about angles, lighting and lol-worthy captioning.

What do you do? I'm Annie and I'm the editorial director at Glossier, which is a very important-sounding way of saying that I'm in charge of storytelling. How do you define a "selfie"? Any photo you take of yourself! Do you find taking selfies empowering/how do they make you feel? Taking the time to take a photo of yourself feels particularly self-indulgent. It's a bit silly, but it's so normal now that you can't fault anyone for it. Posting a selfie can sometimes feel quite vulnerable, but other times you know you look good and you just want to share your confidence with the world. Describe your selfie aesthetic? Well-moisturised and a bit pouty. I always try to make a dumb joke in the caption but I am never quite sure if those land. How have selfies become part of your profession/personal brand? We built entire campaigns around taking selfies - #nofilterjustglossier campaign started on Instagram when Kristen Crawley posted a selfie with that hashtag. We're a beauty company, so selfies are key in advertising our products. Personally, I suppose I've become a bit known for my eyebrows, if only because they take up a lot of the frame. Who is another Instagrammer with selfie game we should look out for? @cmajikpebblez - she's such a classic beauty but also a total weirdo. At least that's what I gather from her Instagram. We've never met. What are some selfie dos and don'ts you can share with us? Change up your angles and smile more . I'm very nosy about what everyone's teeth look like. I'm also partial to no filters.

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