IRL - Nadia Lee Cohen

Words Ava Nirui
Special thanks to The Impossible Project Polaroid

Although London based photographer Nadia Lee Cohen is normally the gal behind the lens, she knows a thing or two about self portraits. The controversial British babe is known for her pouty lips, golden hair and cheeky compositions -all signature elements she injects into her seductive insta selfies. In addition to her babin' appearance, Nadia's video and photo taking skills are absolutely killer. The self portrait queen shared her quick tips on aesthetics, etiquette, and making sure your selfie backdrops are 100% kosher.

What do you do? I am a photographer. How do you define a "selfie"? A version of our character. Do you find taking selfies empowering/how do they make you feel? Like I might need to take another one. Describe your selfie aesthetic? Deadpan. Set in varying, strange environments. How have selfies become part of your profession/personal brand? I take photos of myself that are an extension of my interests, my character and also reflect the style of photographer I have become. Who is another instagrammer with selfie game we should look out for? @jakegallagherhair. What are some selfie dos and don'ts you can share with us? Make sure there isn't incriminating evidence in the background.

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