Style Club - Pip Edwards

Style Club: Pip Edwards
Words Rosie Dalton
Photography Chloë Nour
Hair & Makeup Katie Angus @The JAM

“I love clashing everything, but it has got to be in the same colour palette”, Pip Edwards tells me while we hang out in her eclectic Bondi pad. “Weirdly, I can’t believe how well this works”. She is talking about the epic bell-sleeved Pucci top, floral dress and red trouser combination that she has just put together. It’s an ensemble that’s animated, bright and attention-grabbing; just like Pip. Spending the morning with the P.E Nation co-founder and creative director, we feel right at home (albeit one with an enviable shoe closet and a designer-meets-streetwear wardrobe that spills out to fill literally any empty space in her sun-drenched apartment).

Pushing back her signature sunny blonde hair, Pip shows me the numerous gold sleepers that she wears everyday – adorned with stars and crosses (her current obsession). “I have to calm them down on the pillow before I go to sleep”, she laughs. These moments reveal the down-to-earth nature of this formidable businesswoman and oft-photographed style icon. It’s an interplay that’s also evident in the contrast between her Louboutin stilettos and sprawling sneaker collection. Getting the inside track on her wardrobe rituals and shopping tips, we’re offered compelling insight into the personal style of Australia’s fashion sweetheart.

My mum will tell you I was adamant about what I was wearing from the age of three and would have outfit meltdowns from a very young age, ha ha. My personal style has always been laid-back, but my career and its evolution has also had a strong impact. My Ksubi days were denim heaven, my sass & bide days I was a little more dressed-up rock, my General Pants days anchored me right back down to street sport and now I am fully in my own zone of active everyday wear with P.E Nation.

I am completely inspired by Veronika Heilbrunner and Ursina Gysi … these girls are my everything and epitomise my ultimate style. How they make streetwear and comfort look cool and high end is just awesome. It makes sense to me because I need to train, but I also need to go to meetings, so I like wearing things that are versatile so I don’t have to change all the time. I usually juggle this with the change of a shoe.

A lot of my fashion moments revolve around my hair and its many styles and colours. From a mohawk and a rat’s tail to the balayage … my hair has been a talking point along the way. It’s a real reflection of that beachside lifestyle I live. I am definitely influenced by Bondi because I am generally pretty chilled and the beach is my go-to. So everything is based on denim, or it’s sporty or lo-fi. I have way too many sweats in my wardrobe, ha ha.

I’ve had so many style moments – most of them I would like to forget upon reflection! I think we all cringe in some way when we look back at what we’ve worn, but at the time we were so in the moment and loving it. These days, I love the outfits that also embrace my feminine side. I am slowly getting back in touch with that softer, womanly side and starting to wear skirts again.

In my case, P.E is 1000% a direct reflection of my personal style and that of my co-founder, Claire Tregoning. We live and breathe what we design, we wear it every day, all day. Not because we have to, but because it really works for us. Fit and fabrication is all that matters. The product must look quality and feel quality, no matter what the brand. And once you know what a good fit and good fabric feels like, you never turn back.

In terms of my fave pop culture inspiration, I’ll always love the ’90s Calvin Klein Kate Moss days. I also loved when Margiela released their ripped, distressed and deconstructed denim with sharp shoulders about a decade ago (circa 2008). Anything that involves denim and street is memorable and inspiring to me. The rise of Vetements and Off-White have been my favourites to watch and now the global takeover of the street trend in high fashion is a feast for my eyes!

I do a bit of online shopping. Every now and then I love to actually walk the streets and shop but I don’t often have the time. I tend to do most of my big, fun purchases overseas when I travel. I frequent Los Angeles, New York and London a lot and I always try to find bits that are cool and specific to those cities.

Locally, I love to shop at Tuchuzy, Parlour X, Poepke, The Corner Shop, and Harrolds. At the moment, I am especially loving Vetements denim, Balenciaga, Double Rainbouu, Pucci, Isabel Marant, Alexander Wang, Rika Studios, Marques’Almeida, and Ellery. And I love to wear all these bits back with P.E Nation.

I have too many treasured pieces. Generally, I have a moment or emotion attached to a lot of my purchases. They are like a keepsake of a moment in time and I love to hold onto those memories. One piece can take me right back to what I was doing and feeling at the time I first wore it. And I love that. But accessories are also key. Killer earrings and killer heels are EVERYTHING, these are all you need to change a boring outfit from zero to hero!! I have so many favourite pieces, but my Balenciaga ice crystal shoes are definitely up there.

I’m generally quite tomboyish with a street sport focus. I am usually more dressed down than up, and almost always live in denim and sweats. I love to wear these looks with trainers, but swap out to heels if I have to. I love oversized silhouettes and keeping my colour palette tonal. My fail-safe outfit is always denim and a sweat. The shoe can change the whole look too, so I always have a spare pair in the car – be it a heel or a trainer. I have never actually counted how many shoes I have and don’t think I should because it’s probably a deposit on a house.

Oooooh, rituals – if other people could share their rituals, I would love to hear them! Most nights I try to prep the base of my outfit for the next day, as mornings are very time-poor for me. My schedule is pretty full on. We get up really early and I get my son to school, then I train and go to work, cram in some meetings and events. It’s pretty jammed. And then we have homework and I tend to do work late at night.

I generally start from the shoes, though, and think about what I’ve got coming up that day. Then I’ll find an outfit that I can wear the whole day – one that can see me through all of my commitments. It’s generally sporty. I don’t really wear vintage so much anymore because my style has changed – But I have some great vintage pieces, like my Vivienne Westwood pirate dress from the original collection. So, if I can wear it in a modern way, I will.   

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